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The body is made of sheet metal and plastic, with the roof and pillars made of steel, while the doors and the bonnet are made of plastic, ostensibly to meet the weight limitations of a quadricycle. The high roof, narrow body, and small 12-inch alloy wheels makes the Qute look like it's straight out of an animated movie, rather than a full-fledged, production four-wheeler. So, that is something that you will have to get used to. On the inside, things are similarly sparse but surprisingly roomy. But it's early days yet to say, how commercially successful, or mass appealing the Qute will be, in the long run. 01 (33) 1099-0220 WhatsApp: 331011.5919. Ver fotos y precio de este Bajaj Qute 2018 Id#221195 en SuperCarros 1 Republica Dominicana. Es wurde für den Stadtverkehr entwickelt, konnte aber in Indien bis etwa Mitte 2018 nicht als privates Auto zugelassen werden. So overall, while it is a basic space to spend time in, it has some nice practical touches to it. Yes I was planning...Since the price is high...I quit.. You will receive all the communications on : rvmp_story,rvmp_similar_cars_slider,rvmp_forum_ask_car_owner,rvmp_faq_widget,rvmp_qna, 2019 Bajaj Qute: Real world First Drive Review. A quadricycle falls between a three-wheeler and an entry-level small car, and has small proportions. Das Fahrzeug hat ein sequentielles Getriebe, modular mit fünf Gängen und Rückwärtsgang aus der Motorradproduktion. Der ursprünglich anvisierte Preis von 60.000 Rupien (rd. On the move though, it quickly becomes completely manageable and is actually light enough for regular city use. Aunque en algunos países se vende c… Will The W Series Kawasakis Bear The Meguro Name Going Forwards? The small motorcycle-sized engine gives it great mileage - Bajaj claims 36kmpl from petrol and 45km/kg from CNG. Autorickshaw drivers considering to upgrade to the Qute will find the interiors slightly better, but these are certainly not comparable to any car. The steering does get lighter as speeds increase, but stays composed right up to the Qute’s limited 70kmph top speed. But it’s not without a fair share of limitations too. Your comment should contain at least 5 characters, Haha what is this. You even get a small FM radio which also has support for USB and AUX with two speakers mounted under the dash that sound ok-ish. Tata Ace. TVS Has Dropped A Bombshell In The 200cc Segment, Royal Enfield Meteor 350 vs Honda H’ness CB350 vs BS6 Jawa vs BS6 Imperiale 400: Spec Comparison. Beneath that is a grill that borrows some more tech from the motorcycle world. There are no vents on the dash, so no air-conditioning, and no blower as well. Hi, I'm Srikanth. [3] Es war auch ein Modell mit mehr Komfortmerkmalen geplant, es wurde jedoch nur der einfache RE60 zur Serienreife entwickelt. It uses the ram air principle (used in performance motorcycles like the ZX10R and the BMW S1000RR to make more power) to force air up the A-pillar and into the cabin or onto the windshield for better ventilation. Habiendose ya establecido como la marca de tres ruedas de mayor confianza en más de 25 países, Bajaj ha empujado los límites de la innovación en el transporte intra-ciudad con Qute - un cuatriciclo compacto. This Is Probably The Most Gorgeous Photograph Of The Colaba Depot At Night Ever! [7] Der Viertürer ist mit vorderen Scheibenbremsen und Trommelbremsen im Heck ausgestattet. The engine and five-speed gearbox combination is adequate for the city. Inside, it's basic, and rudimentary. And although the engine is small, comparable to a single-cylinder motorcycle's, the torque spread is nice and the Qute gets into momentum without any hiccups, and performance is definitely better than any autorickshaw's. The petrol version puts out around 13 bhp at 5500 rpm and 18.9 Nm at 4,000 rpm. In fact, it can tackle a fair bit of broken terrain as well, and should be welcomed in rural areas. This means that like a motorcycle gearbox, you have to shift up through the gears one by one in sequence and you can’t skip ratios like with an H-pattern shift box. At the front, the driving position is fairly comfortable and that’s good because the steering position is fixed. Fares would be set between that of Uber auto-rickshaws and UberGo. Top speed though is limited to 70 kmph, and the rev limiter kicks in alarmingly, even when accelerating through the gears. Its face is not unpleasant, with two large halogen headlamps and a large chrome Qute logo between them. Bei der Entwicklung des Fahrzeugs sei nach Angabe des Herstellers eine selbsttragende Karosserie aus Stahl mit Verkleidungsteilen aus Kunststoff mit hochfesten Stählen verwendet worden. The petrol version puts out around 13 bhp at 5500 rpm and 18.9 Nm at 4,000 rpm. This type of vehicles will block the highway traffic n drivers are put into lot of discomfort. Only the driver’s seat slides back and forth, while the rest are fixed in place. It’s much more comfortable than an auto and a lot more comfortable than even some entry-level cars too. Ref. A few months ago, I had shared a picture of a Bajaj Qute operating as an auto-rickshaw in Andheri. The lack of an air conditioner in our tropical climate is another drawback. [1] Der Hersteller, der das Fahrzeug als Nachfolger einer dreirädrigen Rikscha für den Stadtverkehr entworfen hat,[3] kämpfte um die Anerkennung einer neuen Fahrzeugsparte „Quadricycle“. For ventilation, you can open the sliding windows, and there's a row of small vertical vents on the a-pillars, which let in air from vents above the black plastic front bumper. But these storage areas are not segmented. Unlike cars, the Qute gets sequential shifting, just like a motorcycle, so you push the gear lever forward to shift up, and pull the gear lever down to downshift. Links und rechts davon befinden sich Aufbewahrungsboxen, seitlich kommen kleinere Taschen an allen Türen hinzu, unter den hochklappbaren Vordersitzen befindet sich weiterer Stauraum, die relativ flache Rückenlehne lässt sich zweigeteilt umklappen, dahinter befindet sich Stauraum in der Tiefe etwa eines Aktenkoffers. On the side, you’ll notice that Bajaj has taken efforts to give the shoulder a characterful slope even though the sliding windows would have been easier to execute with a straight horizontal window line. US$ 5,700. In a word - cute! A point to note is that this was in Pune’s dry climate, where a little breeze is enough to cool you down, even on a hot day. The Qute has a small engine, but it does the job decently within the city. For the latest auto news and reviews, follow on Twitter, Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. The Qute is currently available for commercial registration in 20 states and in 15 states, you can even register one as a private vehicle. Bajaj qute hadir dengan segudang keunggulan nya dengan menghadirkan motor yang berbasis seperti mobil menjadikan bajaj qute sebagai kendaraan yang mewah namun murah, jika anda tahu harga bajaj qute sangatlah terjangkau hanya sekitar 70 jutaan saja anda sudah bisa mendapatkan mootor yang bagus malahan seperti mobil. In comparison, prices for small cars like the Renault Kwid RXE, the entry-level small car variant with an air conditioner, start at Rs 3.1 lakh. Kia Seltos Diesel SUV Recalled Over Faulty Fuel Pump. In 2018, A Group Of Russians Dressed Up As A Cardboard Bus To Cross A Vehicular Bridge, A Bajaj QUTE Was Spotted Operating As An Auto-Rickshaw in Andheri, Spotted: Bajaj Qute As Mini Taxi In Bangalore, TMT Volvo Buses Feature Thermal Scanner For Passengers To Check Temperature On Entry. I managed to click one at JVPD Circle, right outside the Juhu Vile Parle Bus Station. At ₹ 2.64 lakh (ex-showroom) for the petrol variant, and ₹ 2.84 lakh (ex-showroom) for the CNG variant, it still is priced closer to a conventional car. 2,8 l/100 km) fahren sollte. It does not have a flexi-fuel option, so you have to choose which fuel you want to use at the outset. But where it scores is in knee room and head room; despite its tiny dimensions the Qute is surprisingly spacious for four adults. The Qute also comes in a CNG variant, like the one we had on test, and this makes 11PS and 16Nm. I managed to click one at JVPD Circle, right outside the Juhu Vile Parle Bus Station. So, even with a full load (350kg), the engine’s pulling capacity should be more than adequate. Required fields are marked *. Bajaj says that it is working on a blower solution for the next iteration of the Qute, but in its current configuration, it won’t be making an air-conditioned variant. BEST? New vehicle qute will be of same standard affect traffic. In Case You Missed It: A Bajaj QUTE Was Spotted…, Mission Begin Again: Here Are BEST’s Bus Operations…, Feast Your Eyes On This Photograph Of Electric House…, I took a Rapido to work today, and now I want the…, Bangalore Needs To Do Something About Its…. We tried our hand at an autorickshaw, and comparatively, the Qute is impressive, in handling, as well as ride. Der ADAC vergibt 4 von 16 Punkten für den Frontalcrash und 6 von 16 für den Seitencrash. In theory, it will allow occupants to have the windows closed during the monsoons without it getting too stuffy inside. While I haven’t got the chance to take a Qute yet, I will be on the lookout for one soon. [10] Der Motor ist als Heckmotor unter der Rückbank angeordnet. Carros Bajaj Qute en venta en Santo Domingo. I wish to report this Comment because it is, 2022 Honda Civic Prototype Revealed, Looks Like A Smaller Sibling To The Tenth-Gen Accord. It falls under the quadricycle rule and requires you to have a four-wheeler licence to drive one. And that means, it can now be sold, and can be used, for both commercial and personal use. At 38 degrees, the day of our test was reasonably hot, so it was a good time to test how the ventilation worked. I'm a freelance media fellow with a fascination for buses, toll plazas, fire trucks and drones. Vendedor. The Qute is powered by a 216.6cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DTS-i engine that makes 13PS@5500rpm and 19Nm@4000rpm, which is the most powerful configuration. Since the Qute doesn’t have an aircon or even a blower, it needs all the ventilation it can get. The Qute offers generous space to seat four adults, but seating five in the rear seat could be a squeeze. Rio Nilo #7540 Local 41 Col. Villas del Oriente II Tonalá, Jalisco Facebook: Bajaj Tlajomulco Beim Seitencrash wurde eine Tür aus der Verankerung gerissen. The Qute runs on 135/70 R12 steel wheels with drum brakes on all four. A good deal of credit goes to the fully independent suspension setup on all four corners of the Qute. September 2019 um 19:53 Uhr bearbeitet. So, while the Qute is clearly neither of them, it does borrow from all of them. If you liked this post, consider supporting me on Patreon. Demgegenüber rief der Hersteller bis etwa Mitte 2018 unter dem Hashtag #FreeTheQute die heimische Bevölkerung dazu auf, sich für die Anerkennung der neuen Fahrzeugsparte einzusetzen. Is it cute? So wurde eine Variante mit 200-cm³-Einzylindermotor und 14,71 kW (20 PS) geplant, der innerorts 24 km pro Liter (ca. Beim Frontalaufprall wurden die instabile Fahrgastzelle und Berührung von Kopf, Oberschenkel und Becken mit harten Strukturen bemängelt, der Seitencrash hätte zu schweren bis tödlichen Verletzungen führen können. Offizielle Angaben zu einer Zulassung in Indien gab es nach 2013 nicht, jedoch mutmaßte der Focus im Oktober 2016, diese müsse wohl erfolgt sein, da das Fahrzeug bei den Händlern in den Showrooms ausgestellt sei. The seats aren't reclinable, or adjustable, except for the driver's seat which can be slid from front to rear for drivers of different height. The Renault Kiger SUV Looks Like A Triber On Steroids! En una minúscula carrocería de apenas 2,75 metros de largo por 1,31 metros de ancho y 1,65 metros de alto, este vehículo adopta el aspecto de un hatchback que puede llevar cuatro personas en su interior. Bajaj says that commuter motorcycles, auto rickshaws and small cars all perform adequately in the city, but they’re not perfect. The Bajaj Qute is designed for low running costs, for those who find using a car a slightly expensive proposition to use daily, and with the corresponding maintenance costs. And we have to say that Bajaj engineers seem to have done quite a good job. Ok, it's not conventionally good looking; it's not flashy, not exactly stylish, and may not have the design which will make it win accolades, but a headturner it certainly is. The Bajaj Qute has been around for some time now, first introduced at the Auto Expo 2012, and again unveiled in 2016 in production form. Cid Autos. There are also two storage compartments on the doors; one for smaller items like your phone, while the lower space holds larger items like 1-litre bottles. The seat backs don’t recline either, on all seats. View all posts by Srikanth, Your email address will not be published. It's positioned as a quadricycle for commuting within the city or small towns, and is built for the consumer who will be looking for functionality rather than luxury. The problem is, when you come to a stop, it does start to get stuffy and warm pretty quickly. Detalles de este vehículo That means, you can either get it in petrol form, or CNG, not both. The Bajaj Qute is India's first quadricycle, Renault Kiger Subcompact SUV Concept Revealed; Launch In 2021, Mercedes-Benz EQC Electric SUV Upgraded With 11 kW Charger, General Motors To Announce Boosted Spending Plans For EVs This Week: Report, Renault Bets On The Kiger SUV To Achieve 1 Million Sales Milestone In India, Apple CarPlay Support Comes To ChargePoint EV Chargers, Next-Gen Honda Civic Prototype Unveiled; Will Be Introduced In 2021, 2021 Aprilia RSV4 Test Prototype Spotted With New Design, F1: Aston Martin & Mercedes-AMG To Share Safety Car Duties For 2021, New Generation Maruti Suzuki Celerio Interior Spied, 2021 Yamaha Tracer 9, Tracer 9 GT Unveiled, Tesla Surges As Fund Managers Face Big Decision: How Much To Own, F1: Jenson Button Feels Fernando Alonso Will Be A Team Player When He Returns In 2021, Japan's Long Run Of Falling Exports Slows As Auto Demand Perks Up, Volkswagen Welcomes German Government's Scheme To Support Low-Emission Cars, Utilities, Tesla, Uber Create U.S. Also Read: A Bajaj QUTE Was Spotted Operating As An Auto-Rickshaw in Andheri. And according to the latest norms set up by the government, a quadricycle can be a small four-wheeled vehicle with a specific size and weight limit, as well as limited top speed. It is better to sell outside india and undeveloped countries. Sure, it's no car, and neither does it offer the luxuries, features or the performance of one, but purely as an intra-city mode of transport, it does make a strong case. The Qute is actually quite nice to drive in the city and it can make quick lane changes and start and stop in a very agile fashion. The Qute quadricycle will cost approximately Rs 2.64 lakh for the petrol variant and Rs 2.84 lakh for the CNG variant (both ex-showroom Delhi prices). Vroom, *pulls bellpull* The Qute's cabin is basic and rudimentary, but it does the job of being a bare-bones people mover. As soon as you start turning the wheels to pull out of a parking spot, you’ll notice that there’s no power steering. In the end, we’re not convinced it can replace the family car just yet. But it will easily fit four full-sized adults. [8] 2012 wurde das fertig entwickelte Fahrzeug in Indien mit einer angegebenen Geschwindigkeit von 35 km/h präsentiert. It can have a maximum speed of not more than 70 kmph, and has to be within certain proportions - 3000 mm in length, 1500 mm in width, and 2500 mm in height. On doing some searching, I discovered that the Qute, which is a quadricycle is available on ride-sharing platform Uber since 2019. [6] Es ist mit einem Verkaufspreis von rund 1900 Euro das billigste Auto der Welt, noch günstiger als der eingestellte Tata Nano, der jedoch als wirtschaftlicher Flop gilt.[7]. The engine drives the rear wheels via a 5-speed sequential gearbox. 2021 Bajaj Qute. Tel: 809-594-8954 / 809-781-4486 ; WhatsApp: 809-781-4486; Tel 2: 809-873-3161 Saul / 829-286-3532 Javier / 829-275-2403 Gilbert/ 809-781-4559 Yael; Email: [email protected] Ciudad: Zona Oriental, Santo Domingo Este, Distrito Nacional; Av San Vicente De Paul Esq Bonaire, #ALMA ROSA. A quadricycle is a sort of vehicle which falls between a three-wheeler and a conventional small car. The rear seats have a 40-60 split and fold down to reveal a small 40-litre storage area that can store two small backpacks. For the CNG variant, that works out to a running cost of under ₹ 1.5 per km, and that is even less than using a commuter motorcycle in the 125 cc- 150 cc segment. The plastic cladding just below the window hides another secret - more vents. Lobbying Group For Electric Vehicle Industry, Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Achieves New Milestone As Sales Cross 5.5 Lakh Units, Skoda Vision IN Based Compact SUV Spotted Testing In India, Triumph Bajaj, Tata Nexon EV launch, Skoda Vision IN, The All-New Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter, MG eZS Electric SUV, Bajaj Platina, Revolt Electric Bike, Honda Civic Launch, 2019 Bajaj Dominar and 2019 BMW F 750 GS Review, TVS Ntorq, Bajaj Discover 110, Mercedes AMG GT Roadster & GT R, Honda City Facelift, New Mercedes-Benz E-Class Driven And Updated Bajaj Pulsar NS200, Ford Endeavour vs Toyota Fortuner And Bajaj V12, Bajaj Pulsar RS200 vs TVS Apache RTR 200 4V, A quadricycle is positioned between a three-wheeler and a small car, The Bajaj Qute is available in petrol and CNG variants. The bonnet opens to reveal a 77-litre storage area for shopping or a small bag, but it’s subject to a 20kg weight limit. With the seats folded down, the rear cargo area grows to a healthy 400 litres. Bajaj has even sculpted the two ORVMs to further direct more air into the cabin when the windows are opened. So, if you do place a bottle inside and there’s nothing else in there to support it, it will rattle about when you get going. Es besteht in der indischen Automobilbranche die Befürchtung, das neue Marktsegment könne preiswerte Automodelle verdrängen. Encuentra Bajaj Pulsar 2019 - Motos en Mercado Libre México. According to this report in the Times of India, quadricycles appear under the category of UberXS and were initially available in regions such as HSR Layout, Koramangala and Indiranagar. Der Bajaj Qute, ursprünglich zusammen mit Renault-Nissan als Bajaj RE60 entwickelt,[3] ist ein bis zu 70 km/h schnelles Leichtkraftfahrzeug des indischen Motorrad- und Autorikschaherstellers Bajaj Auto. For three-wheeler autorickshaw drivers, the Qute offers the obvious upgrade, but it also makes a very good case for door-to-door sales people, e-commerce sales people, and small businessmen, who would like to use it as a means of transporting goods, or even as a family vehicle to travel within the city. The stability, weather protection and sheer practicality advantage it has over a scooter, motorcycle and even an auto rickshaw is simply undeniable. Foto ilustrativa, sujeto a disponibilidad. In Europa werden Russland, Polen und die Ukraine anvisiert. Your question has been submitted. Promoción válida del 01 al 28 de febrero 2019. The Qute actually looks quite conventional. Online erhältlich ist (Stand 2018) in der EU eine Modellvariante zu einem Preis von rund 6600 Euro mit einem 216,6-cm³-Viertaktmotor und einer Höchstgeschwindigkeit von 70 km/h. Buy launching shitty products, This Bajaj qute price mast be 1800 us dollars to 2000 us dollar because in other century this quote price is 2000 us dollar so in India also this quote price mast be 140,000, Already Tata Nani is a failed product and many owners are paying high cost for spares. Did You Know CoEP Has A PG Diploma In Metro Rail Tech And Electric Mobility? © Copyright Fifth Gear Ventures Ltd 2020. Promoción válida del 1 al 30 de noviembre del 2018. Motor monocilíndrico, refrigerado por líquido Tipo De cuatro tiempos, ignición por chispa , Max. A List Of All The AC Buses Currently Operating In Mumbai, Mumbai autowala gives an actress a fake note, We’re left wondering, After Pioneering Rolling Cloth Destination Boards, BEST Now Switches To Dust-Written Displays. As long as you're not in a tearing hurry to get anywhere, the Qute does the job well of commuting with ease, and its small dimensions and sharp turning radius (3.5 m) ensures it's a delight to take sharp u-turns and park at tight spots. Like an auto, it’s still basic people transport and so it’s relatively inexpensive and cheap to maintain - Baja Claim as little as Rs 1.53 per kilometer. Take a look here. Bajaj says that while the asking price is quite close to a regular car (because they can’t compete with better economies of scale that larger car manufacturers have), it says that in the long run, the Qute’s lower running costs will widen the gap. Tel. No aplica con otras promociones o descuentos. [3] Ein Kombiinstrument ist mittig angeordnet und damit für Links- und Rechtsverkehr geeignet. The single-pod instrument console sits at the centre of the dashboard, with a large analogue speedometer, and a small digital screen which gives readouts for the fuel gauge, selected gear, odometer and time. Thanks for reporting this. Since then, I have seen the Qute several times on the streets of Mumbai. And it borrows the stability and the obvious protection of four doors and four wheels from a regular car. Die Sicherheitsbedenken waren damit der Hauptgrund, dass der anvisierte Verkaufsstart in Indien für 2015 verschoben wurde. Even the suspension is surprisingly accommodating. Gambar Bajaj Qute. It seems even louder than an autorickshaw which Bajaj had on hand for us to drive before we stepped into the Cute. The CNG variant puts out just over 10 bhp of power and around 16 Nm of peak torque, and the engine is paired to a five-speed gearbox. Sicher sei das Fahrzeug nach Auffassung des Focus lediglich im Vergleich mit Motorrad-Rikschas oder Zweirädern. It’s better to go with used car.companies are making Indian customers fool. US$ 5,700. Now, the Qute has been making an appearance in other cities as well. Not because the steering itself is very heavy, but it’s weighty enough for you to realise that there’s no assistance. 740 Euro) galt jedoch von Anfang an als unrealistisch, die ersten Exportfahrzeuge kosteten 2000 US-Dollar (1730 Euro). Your email address will not be published. To add a little perspective, for those who can remember, it’s much lighter than the non-powered rack of the old Maruti 800. Mai 2013[4] wurde das Fahrzeug in Indien zugelassen, aber vorerst ausschließlich als Rikscha zur gewerblichen Nutzung. Bajaj reckons the CNG variant will be the bigger seller, and that's the variant which we drove. The Bajaj Qute is powered by a 216 cc, single-cylinder, twin-spark engine which is available as a mono-fuel version. It offers better weather protection, it's frugal to run, and most importantly, convenient to drive and use in crowded areas. In Europa werden Russland, Polen und die Ukraine anvisiert. But ride quality and handling is a lot better than any three-wheeler. That means, you can either get it in petrol form, or CNG, not both. A Business Standard report, also from 2019 stated that Ola had tied up to offer the Qute to its riders. Better not to pollute roads. Brace For Impact As The Meteor 350 Is Coming! Der Kraftstoffverbrauch soll bei 36 Kilometern pro Liter (2,8 Litern pro 100 Kilometer) liegen. Einzelne Modellvarianten sind in Deutschland mit reduziertem Gewicht und begrenzter Geschwindigkeit ab 16 Jahren für AM-Führerschein zugelassen,[11] jedoch gehört die Europäische Union mit Ausnahme Polens nicht zu den anvisierten Exportmärkten des Herstellers. Qute. Bus! Gears are precise though you can hear the five-speed transmission click into place. Bajaj Qute 2019 tiene un radio con lector de usb. Accesorios: Asientos en vinyl | Radio AM/FM | Vidrios manuales | Aros de hierro. Das Fahrzeug ist 2752 mm lang, 1312 mm breit, 1652 mm hoch und hat einen Radstand von 1925 mm, der Wendekreis soll 7 m betragen. On the dash, there are two more lockable cubby holes on either side that can store papers, mobiles and small knick-knacks. No one will buy this thing. Would we prefer hailing one down in the city over autorickshaw though? The Qute, India's first quadricycle, meets all these norms; so it has a 2750 mm length, 1312 mm width, and a height of 1652 mm. Das Fahrzeug entstand als Ultra-Lowcost-Projekt (ULC) und wurde erstmals als Konzeptfahrzeug auf der Auto Expo 2008 vorgestellt. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The Qute makes for a compelling case for existing three-wheeler drivers and small business people. Descubre la mejor forma de comprar online. Since then, I have seen the Qute several times on the streets of Mumbai. All rights reserved. The reported comment will be shortly removed from Zigwheels &, Instant Personal Loan - Get upto 2 Lakhs* in 5mins, Get Best Price, Instant Payment & Free RC Transfer, Compare & Save Big* on Health Insurance Policy, Find Best deals on Second Hand Cars in Delhi, Thank you! It’s car-like to drive and is easy to manoeuvre and park as well. The Qute's interiors are definitely better than any autorickshaw, but not comparable to any car. Low power and blocking traffic. But in a hot and humid place like Mumbai, the Qute maybe a little uncomfortable even on the move.

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