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and Elasmus sp.) Arthropods attracted to animal carcasses in a salt marsh environment were surveyed in southeastern Florida during four seasons from September 2009 to July 2010. 4. This species supported an extended polymorphism for several inversions, which are correlated intrapopulationally with larger body size. Heliothis subflexa (Guenée) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) is a monophagous insect specialized in feeding on fruits of the genus Physalis (Solanales: Solanaceae). The attack by the wasp on C. citriodora was relatively minor compared with the above susceptible lines. To increase the population of E. kamerunicus in Hainan, some steps should be taken including releases of adult weevils in oil palm plantations, and control of the weevil's predators and parasites, such as rats and harmful nematodes. Finally, we discuss the prospects for implementing experimental augmentative releases of P. dignus to control the pest, a candidate selected considering various positive biological traits and because of its simple mass production and manipulation compared with other antagonists of T. absoluta. An institutional or society member subscription is required to view non-Open Access content. Juxta strong spine like; transtilla sclerotized, eye-like. The level of parasitism was 50.8 ± 4.2% before the advent of HLB (2000–2004) and 56.0 ± 4.4% thereafter (2005–2008), indicating adaptation of A. citricola in a disturbed agroecosystem. fornicatus (Eichhoff) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) is an exotic ambrosia beetle that vectors fungal Fusarium spp. Aedeagus (Fig. We collected 589 larvae from cotton plantations in Bahia State, Brazil, and transported them to the laboratory of biological control of Embrapa Milho e Sorgo in Sete Lagoas, Minas Gerais State, Brazil. The founding of nests was studied between 1996 and 2000 in various localities of 2 states of southeastern Brazil. MALE: Adult (Fig. In many animal species, females are faced with at least 2 reproductive options: independent or cooperative breeding. However, the number of repetitions was altered in relation to survival of the aphids in the different instars and treatments. The hosts were able to molt to 4th instars after being parasitized as early 3rd instars, but were unable to develop to the 5th instar. If a narrow host range for A. opuntiarum is confirmed in quarantine with North American cactus-feeding species, then this parasitoid could be released as a biological control agent for C. cactorum with little or no risk to non-target species. Amino acid sequence analysis indicated that Xc-HSC70 and Xc-HSP70 contained the signature sequences of the HSP70 family, and phylogenetic analysis showed that Xc-HSP70s were consistent with the known insect classification. Adult flies were collected by using suspended traps containing decomposing animal tissue (chicken liver, sardine, or pork) as baits. An increased number of foundresses did not improve the chance of colony success in Minas Gerais State, but it improved this chance in São Paulo State, so that colonies each with 3 or more foundressess were always successful. nov., resembles Z. distorta (Moore) but can be differentiated by the presence of a narrow costal fascia on the forewing, and the smaller androconial patch on the hindwing of the males. These tools have led to increased program effectiveness and have been adopted in many countries. For convenience, there may be polytomous sections within the book. Two genera, Acropsilus and Chrysotimus (Diptera: Dolichopodidae), and 14 species are recorded for the first time from Taiwan. However, morphological examination of 5th instar nymphs detected differences within C. latiforceps, with a population from Ubu, Espírito Santo, being distinct from the other 2 populations. Imprimir. Contact, Password Requirements: Minimum 8 characters, must include as least one uppercase, one lowercase letter, and one number or permitted symbol. DIVERSIDAD DE ODONATA (INSECTA) EN LA RESERVA NATU... Hábitos alimentarios de larvas de Trichoptera (Ins... TRICHOPTERA COLLECTED BY PROF. J. ILLIES IN NEW GU... Recolección y Conservación de Trichoptera, con Énf... Phylogeny of the Dragonfly and Damselfly Order Odo... Ireland Red List No. With active orchid restoration efforts currently underway in these and other important orchid habitats, efforts should be made to prevent the further spread of these plant parasites. nov. is described from Hua Phan Province (Laos). Directions, ticket info, and visitor tips. We thank Dr Ian J. Kitching, Department of Life Sciences, Natural History Museum, London and Dr Lauri Kaila, Finnish Museum of Natural History, Finland for going through an earlier version of the manuscript. Furthermore, to estimate accurate survival rates, we here hypothesized that (i) it is important to adjust and correct the numbers of life stages on a given sampling date by including the numbers of preceding life stages from a preceding sampling date (not from the given sampling date) in the model; and (ii) the development time of the preceding life stage will determine which sampling date needs to be included in the calculation. Aquatic insects of the central North Island. A key to the known species of Hybos from Inner Mongolia is provided. Additionally, recent outbreaks of new Diatraea species may further increase overall pest pressure. nov. is peculiar in the genus by having more posterior pseudocelli on the head, fewer pseudocelli on the prothoracic tergum, papillae and guard chaetae on the antennal segment III sensory organ, guard chaetae on labial papilla E, and chaetae in the distal row of tibiotarsi, and by the absence of chaeta d0 dorsally on the head. The presence of thrips in vegetable crops has become an important phytosanitary issue in Mexico. Archaea - Relatively small group of single-celled prokaryotes more closely related to the eukaryotes than to the bacteria. The relationship between size and sound production was assessed by comparing temporal and spectral chirp characteristics with body size and sound-producing organs. Antennae greyish- yellow. It is similar to the species A. songi Sun & Wu, 2012, and it can be recognized easily by the number of p-chaetae between 2 inner posterior pseudocelli on the head, the pseudocellus on abdominal segment IV sternum, and the number of papillae on the antennal segment III sensory organ. PARATYPES: 3 males INDIA. The mean number of egg clusters differed significantly with 3.6 ± 0.3, 3.0 ± 0.6, 3.3 ± 0.3, 3.0 ± 0.6, 1.0 ± 0.6, and 2.0 ± 1.2 on C. olitorius, C. fascicularis, C. trilocularis, C. pseudo-olitorius, C. tridens, and C. aestuans, respectively. Three of these, fig whitefly (FW), rugose spiraling whitefly (RSW), and Bondar's nesting whitefly (BNW), have caused noticeable damage to residential plants in the landscape including ficus hedges, palms, and bird of paradise. Students are introduced to the techniques used by scientists in the field: how to select a site for study, and how to map it. This problem continued even after the model was adjusted by calculating the duration of each life stage based on the actual temperature measured on each sampling date (instead of using one average temperature for the entire period). Name of the species pertains to its allied species, Z. distorta (Moore). It was first detected in Mexico (border with Guatemala) in 1977 after it had spread throughout the Central American region. (Muscidae) were the most abundant species. The revised model will allow a precise and realistic evaluation of control efforts against diamondback moth and other insect pest infestations in agriculture. D. Complete ablation at 3 thoracic locations (fore-, mid-, and hind leg); and E. Complete ablation in 3 instars (2nd, 3rd, 4th). These host plant species had considerable influence on oviposition, larval feeding behavior, larval survival, larval weight, pupation, pupal weight, and adult emergence. nov. and Z. neodistorta sp. Thorax with patagia and tegulae grey. Unusual behaviour – unusual morphology: mutualisti... La diversidad biológica de México. Contact, Password Requirements: Minimum 8 characters, must include as least one uppercase, one lowercase letter, and one number or permitted symbol, 1 .Hindwing of male with an androconial patch, —. To evaluate antixenosis, 10 common bean cultivars were tested for D. speciosa adult feeding preference in free-choice and no-choice tests. Morphologically, Z. neodistorta sp. The barcoding cocktail should allow sequencing of 5′ coxI from multiple genera and both sub-families of whiteflies, and the primers developed for each species will facilitate rapid identification of these 3 invasive whiteflies. There was a chance that worker production would become numerically similar in both solitary and associative colonies in both states. Small males were more likely to produce high frequency chirps when disturbed, compared with larger males. did not differ between seasons. Ratios (%) of lengths of regenerated legs to contralateral legs (means ± SE) after either partial or complete regeneration when ablation of larval legs was as follows: A. 5, Aedeagus. For convenience, there may be polytomous sections within the book. There is potential to use mass-reared C. maculata eggs as treatment for spider mites in contained crops or indoor decorative plants. Please select when you would like to receive an alert. The results indicate that snap bean was the most suitable host plant for M. usitatus, whereas lima bean was the least suitable. nov. belongs to the “volinensis-group” by having the small body size and smooth sensory clubs on the antennal segment III sensory organ, but with 5 papillae on the antennal segment III sensory organ. We can help you reset your password using the email address linked to your BioOne Complete account. We present a summary of published studies and original findings on several entomophagous species as biocontrol agents of Tuta absoluta (Meyrick, 1917) (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae), a key pest of tomato crops in Argentina, with the aim to select potential candidates for its management. nov., and N. kuscheli Park & Carlton, sp. Few studies have assessed arthropods associated with carrion in salt marsh environments. Insecto tiene alas visibles 2 1b. Leptysma argentina lives in central-east Argentina and in Uruguay and was polymorphic for a centric fusion whose presence is significantly correlated with a larger body size; this parameter was shown to be associated with sexual selection and longevity selection; this species exhibited a marked latitudinal Bergmann pattern. By 1982, using an area-wide IPM approach that included the Sterile Insect Technique, the Moscamed Program, established by the federal governments of Mexico, Guatemala and USA, succeeded in eradicating the pest from the areas it had invaded in Mexico. (A.) Pupae were 14.10 mm long and 5.73 mm wide and laterally compressed. Adults and their genitalia are illustrated. fornicatus in the 2 field trials. To date, no published records have documented P. microcirculus on orchids in either California's or Florida's natural habitats. In addition, we compared the effects of treatment 2 versus the effects of having a set temperature during photophase and another set temperature during scotophase versus a constant daily average temperature. This is the first report on the natural occurrence of the fungus N. rileyi infecting H. armigera larvae in Brazil. Hindwing of male without androconial patch, 2. (“marmeleiro”) (Malpighiales: Euphorbiaceae), Cleome spinosa Jacq. Whiteflies are difficult to identify and 4th instar nymphs are needed for morphological identification making whiteflies good candidates for identification via DNA barcoding. Wasmannia auropunctata was found to be repelled by (S)-methoprene concentrations as low as 0.25% regardless of formulation. The photographs of adult and male genitalia of Z. distorta Moore is provided for comparison. Bacteria - Ubiquitous, single-celled prokaryotes a few microns in size, with varying morphology. Resources in this collection include lesson plans, essays, and Web-based interactives that help students explore, analyze, and apply their field observations. Welcome to Biodiversity Counts! Unusual behaviour – unusual morphology: mutualisti... La diversidad biológica de México. Here, we studied the effects of exogenous 20E on feeding, development, and survival of P. xylostella larvae and on fecundity and longevity of adults by using a leaf dip assay. Description of predominantly arboreal plateremaeoi... Nuevo registro de Loxosceles (Araneae: Sicariidae)... Nuevos registros de arañas errantes para el estado... Arañas de la región montañosa de Miquihuana, Tamau... Primer registro de Ariadna pilifera O.P. His career spanned a period of time that might be referred to as a golden age of commodity programs at the international “CG Centers” organized under the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), which followed in the footsteps of Norman Borlaug and Robert McNamara, the unlikely alliance that led to the Green Revolution. The body weight was similar between parasitized and non-parasitized larvae within the first 4 d (3 d in S. litura) but later began to show a significant difference from the 5th day on (4th day in S. litura). Only 2 species, namely C. trilocularis and C. olitorius, supported complete larval development. Label data from A. abrupta specimens in the Hymenoptera holdings of the Florida State Collection of Arthropods indicated that no specimen had been collected previously from Alachua County and that the most recent Floridian specimen was collected in 1987. Included are the first Argentinean records of Culicoides crescentis Wirth & Blanton and C. pampaensis Spinelli & Wirth from Salta Province; C. caridei Brèthes, C. crescentis, C. guttatus Coquillett, C. insignis Lutz, C. pampaensis, and C. venezuelensis Ortiz & Mirsa from Jujuy Province, and C. saltaensis Spinelli & Wirth and C. pampaensis from Tucumán Province. nov. is described from Guangxi and Guangdong provinces in China. London 1878: 25. Hindwing of male without androconial patch Survival was next highest (75%) after 2 wk at 7 °C and 95% RH without honey in tube. In this study, 130 one-hour-samplings of sweet orange leaves (Citrus sinensis [L.] Osbeck) hosting CLM pupal chambers were carried out to estimate the CLM parasitism rate (%) by its parasitoids in 7 regions of São Paulo State between 2000 and 2008.

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