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This only means that Anthony gave up on his acting career soon as Helen conceived. Members of the press are welcome to contact using that dedicated contact page. This is a movie where Anthony has a tiny little role. To get over his temptations and giving right back in creating an alternate personality. Helen is a character outside of Anthony’s mind. When Helen asks him if he was lying about who was on the line, Anthony struggles to answer. This confirms that Helen knows which personality she’s with. ‘Enemy’ is a movie that warrants detailed discussions, with its themes of identity, subconscious and totalitarianism. There is that woman who has a spider head., In Tentative Defense of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. A series of Kafka-esque nightmares (these are dreams in the movie’s reality but no less significant than action) lead us to Jake’s wary psychology, if not to the film’s “point,” which it may not have. So in a sense, each of the spiders represents a woman in his life. His love for movies and production has led him to write his well-received film explanation and analysis articles to help everyone appreciate the films better. Anthony, as the personality Adam goes to the agency. Um… I’m worried about you. The ending of Denis Villeneuve’s new movie Enemy has been called perhaps “the scariest ending of any film ever made.” And much of its scariness derives from its initial inexplicability. Adam seems cool as a cucumber. You won’t catch a newborn pod person taking human anatomy for a spin. He’s probably done this over and over again. But the coworker is leading him somewhere. All images property of their respective owners. That much is evident throughout the movie. Director Karthik Subbaraj (of Pizza fame) has also written the script for this himself. The good part about this version of the future is …, Ha ha ha. Let’s get together again. Dabei gibt es immer wieder Anspielungen auf Diktaturen, die – wie er im Hörsaal sagt – die individuelle Lebensausführung unterdrücken.… They’re driving back. Did you just watch the movie I’m Thinking Of Ending Things directed by Charlie Kaufman and …, Hi, this is Barry, welcome to my site, and this article is about Braid, a psychological thriller written and directed by Mitzi Peirone. The forces that control Jakes’ life do so from within his psychology. ), the enigma of his own happiness makes gratification unknown to him. Jake Gyllenhaal plays the wrong man, but in the sense that he mistakes himself for someone else, and ends up being that person all along. Although this theory doesn’t work quite as well as the last, it’s still an interesting way to read the film. If you value our work, please disable your ad blocker. I am your only mother. Enemy has been recommended to me many times whenever I ask for films that have the same twisted, multilayered tone of Shutter Island. He goes on to investigate into this and soon comes to know that the doppelgänger is an actor named Daniel St. Claire, a stage name for Anthony Claire. The subconsciousness is slowly beginning to connect with the main personality of Anthony, the assertive one. This scene is not within the subconsciousness. And when he makes certain discoveries, notice (you will know the moment) that his personal monster doesn’t attack him but cowers from him. He is his own Enemy. The end is jarring, enough to startle me on my couch, like a dream that one has been enjoying only to be abruptly awoken by your blaring alarm dragging you back into reality. Adam and Anthony (both played by Jake) is physically the same person. Anthony is unable to stay faithful to Helen. But those clones don’t erect a new civilization: they end up being paper-pushers staring at their shoes and gabbing about election cycles. For sake of simplicity, let’s assume that Anthony is the real-life name of Jake’s Character. Perhaps Enemy, like Mulholland Drive, has less to say about its players and more to say about films themselves. Mary is only inside the mind. In an interview with the Huffington Post, he said, “If you look at Enemy again, you can see that everything has an answer and a meaning.” This character gives a good insight into what’s actually going on in the film. Adam searches for Daniel on the internet and finds pictures. The remaining parts of Anthony and Adam are his wants and his regrets. This relatively short thriller is based on a simple idea: a man seeks out his doppelganger after seeing a glimpse of him in a film he’s watched. Again, yikes! The second statement is much later when he’s a teacher (respectable job). Adam uses a portion of his own photo to verify that he looks like the actor. There is also the indicative webs of wires and the shatter pattern on the windshield. Anthony has cheated on his wife earlier and as a result, his wife is suspicious of him. Adam waits. Hence he stammers. His wife is pregnant and her sensuality makes him distant and suspicious of her, as though she was the one cheating (the movie tells us this by having the Jakes switch places: now it really is someone else’s baby, despite still being his). All contents © 2020 The Slate Group LLC. His work frequently explores totalitarianism and his experiences under a fascist regime through metaphor and allegory. Adam, the history teacher, is the actual job that Anthony actually holds. 2) Mary didn’t survive the crash and Adam/Anthony is imagining his life with her. We see a sexy lady pass by Adam much like the spider head woman. It’s interesting to note just how many people argue that Denis Villeneuve’s Enemy is the only film they can think of in recent memory that has actually scared them. She talks to Adam and is heartbroken. If you notice, in films and video games, spiders have been used as an element of fear. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. He calls the phone number. However, Anthony is not sleeping around with Mary (Mélanie). It’s this duality which provides the film it’s conflict; which will emerge, Anthony or Adam? Every dictatorship has one obsession and that’s it. Control by censoring information. This envelope is temptation. The Mary we see throughout the Enemy Movie is only a part of his subconsciousness. The security hands Adam an envelope. Have something to tell us about this article? Adam wakes up in real life and goes into to the living room. The point hits home, as the movie tries to tell us about the pattern by cleverly showing us spiderwebs throughout the movie. Enemy is a film about a man unwittingly living in a totalitarian regime stifling his creativity, thus forcing him to live out an idealized fantasy in the form of a doppleganger. This indicates that the result of this accident is just another web. He took up another job that gave a consistent income (perhaps a teacher, perhaps not). Hitchcock’s “you’ve got the wrong man” films seem to have been his outlet to describe how he saw people, guided not by ambitions but by other people’s expectations of them. There are subtle clues about what’s going on in the city from the very beginning. It connects to how Jake’s character feels. The movie stars Michael Pitt (from Murder …, In an ocean of Bollywood films that make you want to gnaw on your own leg, Andhadhun is a well-directed film by Sriram Raghavan. He continues with adultery. The 2013 film Enemy, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, is one such title that's been amassing a decent amount of buzz recently on TikTok, precisely for that reason. Anthony follows Adam and notices Mary. Anthony wants to be a movie star. It’s only when the movie gets to its last scene that made everything click for me. Adam/Anthony survives the crash, but is injured. Enemy is about dictatorship and control, and about it no less than Invasion of the Body Snatchers. A supernatural ending? They are getting affected by common events. Is the world being turned into giant spiders? This is the key to temptation. At this point, he has not been acting for a long while and his mother doesn’t approve of his acting career. You want me out of your life? Adam visits the agency. Adam/Anthony has left his wife finally and is now living with Mary. He’s compassionate and converses sweetly with Helen. The scene shifts and a pregnant woman is shown sitting in her bed. Netflix’s Blood of Zeus Ending, Explained. Enemy cannot be a film about change: it is about the changelessness that makes us perfect agents of our own misery. Well, the answer is neither and both. Let me know what you’ve thought of Enemy? After this Anthony returns home and tells her that “the guy” won’t be calling again. When Saramago was 3 years old, a military coup overthrew the Portuguese government, and for the next 48 years, he lived under a fascist regime. Mary tells Anthony he’s not a man. But for me personally I like to keep it ambiguous for me, dunno just adds more meaning to the story. He is facing problems with his real partner, Helen, who is pregnant. Adam’s personality is coming to Anthony’s house for the first time, he doesn’t know which door is the one to his house. Actor Jake has sex with Teacher Jake’s girlfriend (Mélanie Laurent), who can’t tell them apart without evidence. So here we are. But this isn’t a movie you can watch only in the literal. Adam’s dull world turns upside down when he sees a film, which another professor recommends, and notices that an extra looks exactly like him. This was an amazing analysis. This part is in the subconsciousness. Adam wants to meet Anthony. Anthony quits his acting hopes and takes up a job as a history teacher. While the hotel room might be real, the meeting is not physical. Now for the scene that left me sleepless. From the envelope, Adam gets Anthony’s address and phone number. Adam/Anthony is seeing Helen as the covering spider. Bell has no preferences. He is a figment of Adam’s imagination, and this chase he goes on to uncover who this mysterious actor is is simply a chase to find purpose in his own life. Firstly, it’s worth addressing that there are different ways of interpreting the film – that’s what makes it so exciting to return to. The story sees two identical people running into each other and what this does to their personal lives. While Anthony is well-off, smart, confident and well-groomed, he is unable to get himself to commit to a relationship with his wife who is now carrying his six-month-old baby. And what do we see? Anthony finds this extremely mundane and has associated this life with an alternate personality called Adam. This is the reason why we are never really given an insight into who Mary is. The Room (2019) Movie Ending And Plot Explained, Blood Punch Explained (And Meaning Of The Ending), 51 Best Time Travel Movies Ranked By BaTTR Score, I’m Thinking Of Ending Things: Explained Simply, Braid Movie Explained (Plot Analysis & Ending Explained), The Zero Theorem (2013) : Movie Plot Ending Explained, Jigarthanda (2014) : Movie Plot Ending Explained, I Origins (2014) : Movie Plot Ending Explained, Andhadhun Plot: Things You Might Have Missed, The House That Jack Built: Ending Explained, The Half of It: Identifying Oneself Before Finding The Better Half, Ah-ga-ssi / The Handmaiden (2016) : Movie Plot Ending Explained, The Skin I Live In: Ending Explained (2011 Spanish Film), 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) : Movie Plot Ending Explained, Los Cronocrímenes / Timecrimes (2007) : Movie Plot Ending Explained. Anthony and Adam compare their looks, voice, and hands. Adam/Anthony accepts that this is repeating and it is no tragedy. Mary and Anthony are presumed to be killed off in the subconsciousness. Enemy suggests that this tendency to create totalitarian regimes is part of human nature, that it comes from within us. He’s aggressive with Mary in bed. We can assume that is was a different real-life accident. It’s worse than if the switch was between two paupers: it’s like it doesn’t matter which is which to begin with. His most recent directorial outing – ‘Enemy’ is perhaps one of the most unnerving movies made in recent times. If the article doesn’t answer all of your questions, drop me a comment or an FB chat message, and I’ll get you the answer to your question. Look closely, and you’ll see. A man seeks out his exact look-alike after spotting him in a movie. Let’s examine: The last scene ties with the first, wherein Adam/Anthony leaves his wife and goes to an erotic show. However, deep down we feel that this is one of the most creative and unique films which takes aim at the fear of commitment and routine, better exemplified by the earlier theory. Adam can’t help but create an idealized fantasy of a life he wishes he would live but instead is caught in the web of a totalitarian, oppressive regime that aims to stifle creativity and self-expression like a tarantula weaving a web that gnats unwittingly fly into, trapping themselves in for the rest of their insignificant lives. Who Is HG Tannhaus? Wtf was that ending?!?! Having sex with her seems like something he has to do, despite taking no pleasure from it. That said, the responsibilities that are baring on him are those posed by the women in his life. These anxieties take the form of spiders. But the fantasy of these images gives them their real power: they are the thoughts that force Jake into a pattern of identity-lessness. In secret, Helen looks into Anthony’s trouser pockets to locate Adam’s details. She beings to understand that this version of him seems to be an alternate personality kept away from home. He looks at it unsurprised, like he understands the obsessions he can’t do anything about. As we reach the final shot, it’s as though we’ve been chewed over and over then spat out, shaking and sat there desperately trying to make sense of the puzzle put before us. We’ve already covered this earlier. He notices his picture with Helen, the complete one. We’ll talk about why later. In that sense, you always have the wrong man in every film you watch. It makes that wife (Sarah Gadon) suspicious of both Jakes for not being the authentic Jake, which may not actually exist. This goes back to “censoring information”. Enemy follows a meek, awkward professor named Adam who lives a monotonous life in a beige world devoid of any uniqueness. The 2013 film Enemy, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, is one such title that's been amassing a decent amount of buzz recently on TikTok, precisely for that reason. Enemy’s pivotal moment is when the two Jakes switch places, like if “The Prince and the Pauper” took place in a sex dungeon. Olivia This bit is a little easy to miss. The giant spider is shying away from our protagonist to avoid being stepped on. He doesn’t really watch movies, and we get the impression it’s not because he doesn’t like them but because he can’t bring himself to choose one. I know that last scene has given a few you sleepless nights. The first scene is bewildering to say the least: A man attends an erotic show and witnesses a woman about to crush a spider – a live tarantula – with her feet. Click to browse all his film articles, Hi, this is Barry, and welcome to my site. There are more, even some that made my hindbrain tingle; a monkey screamed inside me at several points during Enemy. Hence she’s a gigantic spider. The dictator here is Adam/Anthony’s very own subconscious, pulling the strings ever so subtly. Contact Customer Support for questions on your products, coaching, or events…. The central irony in all this is that even the main character, though he is an expert on the ways of totalitarian governments, doesn’t see the web that’s overtaken the city until he’s already stuck in it. He wants to give into the temptation that Mary represents for one last time. He wears expensive clothes, lives in a suave apartment, has a fancy bike, the works. The webs across the city and throughout the mise en scene suggest who’s really in control and the spiders are used to convey what it’s like to live under a totalitarian state. Lower education, they limit culture, censor information, they censor any means of individual expression and it’s important to remember this, that this is a pattern, that repeats itself throughout history.”. Yesterday, while scrolling through Netflix, I stumbled upon Enemy (2013) directed by Denis Villeneuve, which is based on the novel written by José Saramago. This scene shows us that Anthony is guilty of having an affair(s). There is a slight shift in Adam’s personality. She suspects that the person who’s in her bedroom is actually the history teacher because of his mannerisms and he brings up that she is 6 months of pregnancy. She’s freaking out. The fear represents Adam/Anthony’s knowledge of how he’s destroying Helen. We learn throughout the film that our protagonist has had affairs in the past but he succeeds in metaphorically killing off his inquisitive and toxic traits in the form of his “double”… or did he? A woman walks slowly towards him with a spider’s face, and passes without acknowledging him. He feels he is going to be devoured. Helen is upset. This scene with Mary is happening in the subconsciousness. As the movie goes on, he becomes more and more like Anthony. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. He hangs up. When he finds out he has a double, that’s of course exactly what happens: He can never again be an individual. Join Slate Plus to continue reading, and you’ll get unlimited access to all our work—and support Slate’s independent journalism. Not the kind of face one would have seeing his wife turn into a beast spider. Later scenes of Adam having sex with Mary can have two meanings: 1) They are together now, but only barely. The movie has described as “head-scratching,” “mysterious,” and “gloriously enigmatic.” As one critic put it, “I kinda dug it but I have no idea if it’s any good or what happened or where I am anymore and what aiiiiiiiieeeeeeee that last sound/shot.”. We have Adam (Jake Gyllenhaal) who discovers his double, Anthony (Jake Gyllenhaal), an actor who he sees in a movie. I’m gonna take your girlfriend on a little romantic getaway. Adam gives the envelope to Anthony and leaves. Enemy gives us Jake in two forms to show us that his shortcomings are not based on his experiences but on his psychology. She says that he even had Anthony’s voice.

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