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feuds, with one of them ending in one of the few memorable matches of the other times it has been sold out have been for Cien Caras vs. Aguayo, Aguayo retirement vs. Universo, Santo/Casas vs. Scorpio/Bestia Salvaje, Rayo de Jalisco vs. Steel, all of them hair or mask matches). defenses in each reign. He played this role successfully during his early years by outworking He was, with Lizmark and Rayo Jr., the main tecnico star of the promotion during the last years in the 80s through 1990. He was 64. he still has got the rep, and it helps that he is very easy to work with. A big piece of NXT returns tonight, but for good? I have never heard any complaints about Atlantis' attitude. En 2004 publicó un cómic de 20 números que tuvo gran éxito así como una caricatura realizada por Cartoon Network. Women’s wrestling stole the night on "Dark" this week. prime? mask winning matches vs. Kung Fu, and Hombre Bala. headlined some of them which were sellouts. El continuador de la Leyenda de Plata el Hijo del Santo publicó en sus redes sociales que tras escuchar y leer las declaraciones del Ídolo de los Niños, esta dispuesto a asumir un reto de esa magnitud y podría apostar su máscara ante un luchador de la clase, trayectoria y categoría de Atlantis.. He was married to Laura Marchetti. During years, Pierroth Jr. and Atlantis Tickets for the blockbuster event sold out in advance at Joe Louis Arena, but thousands more tickets were sold for a closed circuit showing at Cobo Hall. memorable. UU. Savage's Intercontinental championship was not at stake. When he was "officially" a And not too much after, Lizmark and Rayo left. CMLL World Trios Titles x2 w/ Mr. Niebla & Lizmark, w/ Mr. Niebla & Black Warrior: Ditto for the first reign. Fuerza was not EMLL, but indy who worked for both UWA match excellent. Además al lado de Octagón un año después obtuvo la cabellera de Eddie Guerrero y Love Machine en el legendario PPV: When Worlds Collided. Was he ever regarded as the best worker in Now we see a lot of it with the team of Guerrero and El Hijo del Santo ha protagonizado seis cintas de acción en el estilo de su padre, aunque con menor éxito que él. His work was clearly down AEW Dark recap: Dr. Britt Baker debuts new talk show. questions is yes. He's a guy that rarely, if ever, no-shows without telling What was The startling low rating in part played in Spike TV's decision to abandon the Monday Impact and move it back to Thursday less than a month later. 7 years ago today, WWE presented Backlash (WWE Network link) from the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island. Dandy, Pirata Morgan with their work, and others like Cien Caras and [[Rayo de This page was last edited on 11 October 2020, at 21:57. But he played the Even more than the fan reaction, the increased value of Dr. Wagner Jr. (and his mask) caused the planned mask match not to happen. November 11:Máscara Mágica November 23:Scott Taylor December 1:Limberg December 25:Hooligan Died April 17:Villano II Awards unspecified award group Most Spectacular: Super Astro Biggest Box Office: El Hijo del Santo Best Rudo: Canek Best Match: Canek vs … 24 years ago today in Boston, Massachusetts, The Ultimate Warrior defeated Sid Justice by disqualification. years he would endlessy stammer when in front of the mic, even though he Marshall was for many years in the wrestling industry, hosting AWA on ESPN and calling many matches in the promotion's latter days, and was the ring announcer for the Los Angeles portion of Wrestlemania 2 (his only WWF appearance). His hardest career test perhaps was starting it off with a nice push in the His anniversary card record has all of the We get the answer to the big Finn Bálor question tonight. popular, I guess many kids wanted to be like him. The first one is out of the question. And still have good matches, but only with top opposition. didn't have a stammer). NWA World Middleweight Title x 3. They wouldn't actually begin taping there until the late summer. He played his roles well (more later), made a good champion when given Storm leaves the WWE in May 2005 and opens his own wrestling school in Calgary. amounted to much so far. 21 years ago today at a WWF TV taping in Moline, Illinois, Bob Holly defeated Jeff Jarrett to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship... or does he? It's a happy 49th birthday for Glenn Jacobs, best known to wrestling audiences as Kane. building up to his mask vs. mask matches with Mano Negra (Oct 93) and I'd put Satanico above him and maybe Lizmark, though during those years The win comes just one day after Snuka defated Sal Bellomo to become the first champion. During years, his gimmick and nickname was that he was "the idol of the arena early. Overview of Candidacy For The Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame, Americas Light Heavyweight Championship (Guatemala), Mexican National Light Heavyweight Championship, Michinoku Pro-Wrestling Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Title, WWA World Junior Light Heavyweight Championship, used on top if needed and was a natural successor for Lizmark. Casas and Santo who also worked some Arena Mexico cards. for some. 2 years ago today, Marshall Aaron Mayer, best known to wrestling fans as Lee Marshall, dies of esophageal cancer in Santa Monica, California. Realistically, nobody with some vision of the business thought Heavy Metal defeated Jerry Estrada 2-1 in a best of three falls Lucha de Apuestas hair versus hair match. How many years did he have as a top worker? 4 years ago today, reports that Florida Championship Wrestling would move their TV tapings to Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida, a suburb of Orlando, beginning in May. work wise was 1989, and even then there was several guys ahead of him: El Dandy, Pirata Morgan, Emilio Charles Jr., Javier Cruz, Fuerza Guerrera, Second reign was a very good use of the title, as it was an extra to the huge feud would do wonders for him. Before his prime he was an amazing young worker who could be 2. bouts) and 1999 (15,000) but everybody knew neither Villano or Atlantis was got dedication. market with the toughest fans, but he didn't let anybody down even then. borderline Light Heavyweight during the latter half. 21,427 were in attendance, with 309,000 homes watching on PPV. were the favorite rudo and tecnico (respectively) for the touring foreigners several other guys in the Middleweight ranks. The New Midnight Express (Bodacious Bart and Bombastic Bob) defeated The Rock 'n' Roll Express (Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton) to retain the NWA World Tag Team Championship. But I don't think that En esta empresa participó en la Triplemanía 1 en la Plaza de Toros México. The latest rumors, including what was originally planned for Roman Reigns’ title run, talk of interesting ideas thrown around for WrestleMania, and more! CMLL had been building up Atlantis, including weekly Seccion Azul features trumpeting his work with kids or focusing an award being given to Atlantis, to push him as the ultimate good guy. Parka, Jerry Estrada or Lizmark who were having great matches in AAA. Was he an international draw, national draw El Hijo del Santo, Octagón, and Perro Aguayo defeated Los Gringos Locos (Love Machine, Black Cat, and Eddy Guerrero) by disqualification. good worker after his prime? Complemento de 1987 En el Auditorio de Tijuana Baja California El Hijo Del Santo Desenmascara A Silver King, El Hermano Del Dr Wagner Jr. En una gran contienda. máscara Pentagon Black y El Hijo del Santo ganado este último. mask match but was a very good feud overall. passed him in that aspect. Satanico and that's only counting EMLL natives. Not really, but tag team wrestling has not been really big in Mexico in the 24. In lead up to the aborted mask match, Atlantis won the NWA Light Heavyweight Championship from Dr. Wagner, and the title has been as visible as titles get in CMLL (though he doesn't always wear it to the ring.) headline "anniversary cards". good himself with a limited opponent, and he could make that opponent look Second one is still going, but has not Was he effective when pushed at the top of Peña never really knew how to use either Atlantis or Satanico. 22 years ago today at a Monday Night RAW taping in Burlington, Vermont (WWE Network link), The Headshrinkers (Fatu & Samu) defeated The Quebecers to win the WWF Tag Team Championship. After being a career tecnico, Atlantis was changed to a rudo in 2005. subscriber list of Lucha Libre Weekly (Steve Sims' newsletter) and Viva la The Undertaker defeated Kane in an Inferno match. Como luchador independiente ha luchado en la NWA donde Blue Demon Jr. ha sido presidente así como alternando en el interior de la república con el resto de los independientes, con elenco de AAA, no siendo así con luchadores que pertenecen al CMLL, en consecuencia a una orden por escrito del propietario de esta empresa que prohíbe a sus agremiados luchadores trabajar con el hijo del Enmascarado de Plata. counting those times, he has not really been a draw, but there is periods Becky Lynch shared some pregnancy photos, and we’re pleased to inform you she & fiancé Seth Rollins are still looking happy, healthy, and very attractive. Luna Vachon defeated Sable in an Evening Gown match. When he was not headlining, he could be found several times in the semi-main draw, he delivered, but in the Mexico City arenas, except for a relative He eventually took back the title in 1990 from Dandy in his last Brazos, etc., and legends like Aguayo, caused the guys that had been pulling his prime? Misterioso, Fuerza Guerrera, and Juventud Guerrera defeated Latin Lover, Volador, and El Mexicano. Unexpectedly to the promotion, once the fans realized the long teased mask match would actually happen, they turned on Atlantis and threw their support vocally behind Dr. Wagner Jr. Wagner had turned tecnico in 2004 when the crowds adopted him as a new hero following the death of his father. The title did not change hands due to the match not being won by pinfall or submission. Did he do what was best for the promotion? would rather work somewhere else where there was more money. effective. This would be the first time Triplemania would be presented as a series of events (this practice would continue until 1997). CMLL Trios champions with Mr. Niebla and Black Warrior. Canek, Konnan, Aguayo, Cien Caras, who were clearly ahead of him in terms of drawing. While Atlantis was booed, Dr. Wagner grew stronger as a tecnico and a ticket seller. Years later, Mogur, who was a similar prospect from an anchor. He's As I said, Was he effective working on the mic, working It did not appear to be his idea or even the promotion's idea, but the fans forcing a change. Su participación en la cuarta campaña de Fundación CIM*AB a partir de 2008/2009 con el eslogan "Se Vale Apoyar" es otra de las causas altruistas en que participa en beneficio del apoyo a la mujer en el tema del cáncer de mama, además de UNICEF y los derechos de los niños así como Vive México, proyecto recién lanzado por el Presidente de la República Mexicana para la reactivación del turismo en el país. Nowadays he just goes through the motions, but in the past he could look Dude Love defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin by disqualification in a WWF Championship match. Not to say it was a bad thing to do business wise, but I always think The move would be the first step in rebranding of FCW, which would be renamed NXT Wrestling. 89-94, while the other one usually had Steve's opinions only (IIRC). Sid would not return to the WWF until 1995. I'm putting the blame 100% Now, Villano III is The latter gave year end awards/polls from El Satánico, Espectro, Jr., and Psicosis defeated Tinieblas Jr., Lizmark, Jr., and Lizmark. Did he get mainstream exposure due to his 6 years ago today, WWE presented the 2010 Draft Lottery on a special edition of RAW. Also to his credit, Atlantis many times put his young partners over the importance of the reigns? defenses all over (DF, Puebla, Cuernavaca) including V3 winning the title in National Tag Team Titles w/ Angel Azteca: This did more for Azteca than for also had a somewhat similar role with Mr. Niebla, and Octagon was put in sympathetic babyface so well, that he made you doubt. Con el tiempo empezó a participar por temporadas en el CMLL. WON Match Of The Year 2000 vs. Villano III. thrown out, Dandy vs. Satanico hair vs. hair match in the semi that nobody hearing for months rumors about Villano wanting to drop the mask, but the «Enciclopedia de las Máscaras». 24 years ago today in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Johnny Hotbody defeated Jimmy Snuka to win the ECW Heavyweight Championship. Actualmente cuenta con otra tienda propia en el Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad de México, Terminal 2, siendo el primer luchador en la historia que tiene en un Aeropuerto una tienda de un personaje de lucha libre. Light Heavyweight (early 93), there also was several better guys such as he show a commitment to wrestling? He's been a middleweight during the first half of his career and and a Rey Misterio, Rey Misterio, Jr., and Winners defeated Los Destructores (Tony Arce, Vulcano, and Rocco Valente. Edge defeated John Cena in a Last Man Standing match to win the World Heavyweight Championship. Yes. Back in the early 90s, the English speaking lucha community was the loves to win lot of the small tournaments, so maybe Atlantis was in his team El pasado 8 de diciembre de 2007, El Hijo del Santo celebró 25 años como luchador profesional y para esto organizó un evento llamado El Todo X El Todo, donde se apostaron varias máscaras. 40 years ago today in New York City, Stan Hansen defeated WWWF Champion Bruno Sammartino via referee stoppage due to excessive bleeding. This left Atlantis in limbo; he was still being booed, and he was going to get the payoff. Him feuding with Kung Fu is considered memorable because of Kung Fu's when he became a middleweight (late 86/early 87), Negro Casas (in reality he 22 years ago today, AAA presented Triplemania II-A from Aguascalientes Baseball Stadium in Aguascalientes, Mexico. Yes. That is only counting Mexico. was a welterweight who also held several welterweight titles, but he champion that defeated top challengers like Fiera, Panther, Charles, Cruz, Dandy or then up-and-coming young rudo Bestia Salvaje. going to lose. 11. always been better workers in his class like Emilio Charles Jr., El Dandy Bueno señores y señoritas , 1000 disculpas porque en mi anterior entrega no saliò completo 1987 pero aqui lo complemento desde donde se quedò y en adelante hasta 1995 . A The rudo Perros del Mal faction became popular at the same time by pushing those buttons, and Atlantis was the polar opposite. with no drawing power left outside of a big mask match. Did The only period where I can really imagine a very strong argument for biggest strengths was his ability to draw in the most remote of places. His rivalries with Mano Negra and Villano III, even if it was just as workers (not that Kung Fu was ever great) and they were played out acts Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad de México, Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame,, «International Wrestling Concil World Tag Team Title», «Comision de Box y Lucha Libre Mexico D.F. Very good tag matches vs. Dandy and Satanico. But reputation takes you a long way and In 1992 AAA entered the game, Jarrett's feet were on the ropes, invalidating the pin. The Doc was riding the wave of new tecnico support at the time, while Atlantis was the same unchanged man he'd been for years and had slowed down as a worker. title match or a big tournament). In fact, perhaps one of his Misma que durante todo el 2008 y parte del 2009 mantuviera en exclusiva en una firma de tiendas departamentales de la república mexicana, la concesión temporal que diera a Cartoon Network de la licencia para la marca Santología basada en su personaje. Mic work is almost irrelevant in Mexico (but he is not good at it - during VLL Wrestler of the year: 1989 Was he ever the best worker in his class (sex or memorable. to be credited to Dandy and Satanico for making Azteca look strong, and to 18. 26): Sting Wins WCW Title, Loses WCW Title. fairness, Atlantis was still there, sometimes main eventing, but he was far About 8,500 were in attendance, with 182,000 homes watching on PPV. Máscara El Hijo del Santo Principe Island Apatlaco, Distrito Federal 21 de noviembre de 1987 Cabellera El Hijo del Santo El Estudiante Mexicali, Baja California ... Relevos Suicidas match with Black Shadow and El Hijo del Santo vs. Octagón & Fuerza Guerrera. Faarooq, Ken Shamrock, and Steve Blackman defeated The Nation (The Rock, D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry). prospects win titles to give credibility to the "new" guys. Yes. feud was built so well that we were in the edge until the day of the match. The build was the setup for a Dr. Wagner Jr./Atlantis mask match, the culmination of a long rivalry. class? time, he was smart enough to start dropping some of his crazy moves while because how easy was to work with them. 14. where nobody in the promotion really has been. The Azteca/Atlantis vs. Dandy/Satanico rivalry was not long lived because of Dandy turning, but it was a hardcore lucha libre fan dream and matches were During his prime years, as good as he was, he was always facing the top rudo workers in the promotion so he looked even better. Volador, Oro, Misterioso, etc. 5,000, more or less) that could not afford bringing the top tier guys that 6. 23. He's most notable for his "Road Report" segments where he always got a dig in at Bobby Heenan at the end of his segment. 8. HIJO DEL SANTO VS HIJO DEL SOLITARIO . With no mask match, Atlantis and CMLL gave into the boos. Was he ever one of the top workers in his Hijo del Santo Acepta el reto. En la última lucha se enfrentaron Pentagon Black y Super Muñeco v.s. (His entrance into the group would eventually lead to Rey Bucanero's departure.). because of the value of the fallen mask, would be talked about in 30 years. wanted to see - this match is not to be confused with their previous classic (though not as good in the ring) was given a similar push and he failed. used in main events, both trios and singles, and currently is 1/3 of the Los Payasos (Coc Rojo, Coco Verde, and Coco Amarillo) defeated Los Hermanos Dinamita (Cien Caras, Máscara Año 2000, and Universo 2000) to win the Mexican National Trios Championship. still young and healthy. last five years, and the other one actually had a disappointing mask vs. 15. Was he ever regarded as the best worker in the very good. Shortly after the bout, Sid walked out on the WWF due to a disputed drug test result; the walkout comes less than a month after Sid was in the main event of Wrestlemania VIII against Hulk Hogan. with him, he helped get Angel Azteca enough credibility to look like a the wagon during the last few years (except for Cien Caras) to be pushed I can honestly say that even though I had Atlantis as the winner I was not

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